What Would Happen If The World Went Vegetarian?

We all have at least one vegetarian in our group, be it a friend or a family member with whom we constantly debate over how non-vegetarian food is better. But have you ever wondered what it be like if the whole world turns vegetarian?


1. Domestic Herds Would Disappear

There are approximately 4-5% vegetarians in the US and approximately 30% vegetarian people in the India. There are 20 billion chickens, 1.5 billion cows, more than a billion sheep and about a billion pigs in the world. If the meat eaters aren’t there then the entire herd of domestic animals would disappear.


2. More Land Area

If the domestic animals are not there, it would free up vast areas of land. It can free up approximately 33 million square kilometers of land which is used just for pastures. This area is almost the size of the land occupied by Africa.

3. Ecosystem Will Improve

The land that is used to grow crops exclusively for these domestic animals is too try to grow crops without humans adding any artificial nutrients to it. If maintained properly, the ecosystem can become better as some natural farmlands or forests can grow back which can counteract with the global climate change.


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