[Doctor Reveals] What Napping Can Do To Your Body is Really Interesting to know

Sleep or napping is one of the most important aspects of life. Sleep is a simple word but it has various aspects to it: how you sleep, when you sleep, correct posture to sleep to name a few. We are yet to understand the complexities that go with sleeping. With the growing world people, these days hardly ever get time to sleep at a stretch of 8 hours let alone take a nap. But unknowingly by skipping on sleep many people are harming their bodies.
A study by NASA in 1995 showed 747 pilots who were asked to nap during the day for 40 minutes with a sleep time of 25.8 minutes. Gradually these nappers demonstrated high alertness and improved performance by 34%.
Another study in Greece showed adult males who took a nap three times a week had 37% fewer chances of dying from a heart attack as compared to the males who did not nap.
You may not know it, but napping only helps your body in various ways with a number of benefits:

  • Relaxes your body.
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase alertness
  • Improves your mood
  • Improves your performance with quick reaction time and a better memory

Studies have shown that napping can improve us in reasoning functions, creative thinking and memory performance also helps us in the learning process and retaining information better. Humans are designed to have two periods of sleep per day, these naps can be taken in short durations, here’s how and here’s why:
10 – 20 Minutes:
This nap reduces your chances of NREM: nonrapid eye movement, which will help you wake up easily feeling much more refreshed. This nap also helps boost your energy and alertness.nap
30 Minutes nap:
This nap normally leaves you all groggy once you wake up. You would continue to feel groggy 30 minutes till after you wake up.

60 Minutes nap:
This nap improves your memory power, helping you in remembering a name, memories, and faces. Though you might feel a little grogginess once you wake up from this nap. But effects of it are good.

90 Minutes nap:
This nap includes your REM: Rapid eye movement cycle. This is a much deeper nap which helps in creativity and procedural memory like drawing, playing an instrument etc. this nap leaves you fresh, unlike other naps that make you groggy.

Try to take your naps during afternoons. Recommended time would be from 2pm – 3pm. This is the time you fell heavy post lunch and also feel less alert. Create a calm and restful environment. A dark place with a comfortable room temperature.Good sleep results in good health. Health benefits that you get from a proper sleep are improved heart functioning, maintained hormonal balance, helps in cell repair as well as boosting memory and improving intellectual functions of your brains. Essentially, sleeping gives your body a chance to deal with everything that happened during the day, repair itself and reset for tomorrow.
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