Why Do We Have Hair On The Butt

Humans are mammals, which means that we have bodies that are covered with hair. From head to toes, more or less every part of our body has at least a little amount of hair. We understand that this is of historic importance as our ancestral breeds had body hair. However, it is not easy to understand what use this hair is to us now? Particularly butt hair.

1 – Why do we have hair on our butts?

This is a question that many people ask. Why, indeed, do we have hair on our rear ends? What purpose does it serve?

2 – Research:

Although this seems like quite an interesting question, the truth is that not a lot of research has been conducted regarding why this hair is present.

3 – Medical research:

Medical research has been aimed towards the problems or diseases that butt hair can cause.

4 – Pilonidal sinus:

This is a condition in which hair break and get inserted in the skin between the two butt cheeks. This occurs mainly in people who spent a lot of time sitting down. This hair can cause inflammation and the formation of a pus-filled nodule. This can worsen to form a sinus.

5 – Why do butt hair exist? First theory:

These hair are present because there is no evolutionary reason for them not to be present. In other words, even though the hair may not serve any purpose, it is also not harmful and thus nature did not act to remove this hair during the evolutionary process.

6 – Second theory:

It is a known fact that every person smells different. This is because we have sebaceous glands that produce secretions, which are then held on to by hair. These secretions as well as oils are broken by bacteria which lead to more smell production. Ancient humans probably used this body odor to communicate; including attracting mates.

7 – Third theory:

In regions where skin rubs against skin, such as where butt cheeks meet, friction can cause irritation and damage. Hair hold on to oily secretions by sebaceous glands, which may act to reduce this friction.

8 – No Confirm theory:

All these are only speculations and theories, though. Not a lot of research has been conducted in this field, but it should be!