Would you let a hot woman drive your Ferrari? This video will make you think twice.

Women may be good with a lot of things but the same cannot be said when it comes to driving a car. With no offense to those few who are really, really good at the wheels, I would call it the most foolish thing to do to let a woman, especially a blonde one, to try her hands at your expensive Ferrari, just in case you own one. No matter how attractive she is, NEVER let her drive your car… the video below would tell you why.

When the super-hot British pop-star Sarah Harding was invited to the show The Fifth Gear, the producers might have thought that it would be a good idea to let the pop-star drive the Ferrari a few laps on the race track. Little did they know it then that they were making the most regrettable decision of their lives. Well, they can’t be blamed entirely for the mishap, though. A flat, wide, empty road… what could possibly go wrong in a terrain as such? If only they had realized that Sarah is but a woman, and a blonde one for that matter… it’s no matter of surprise that she didn’t even manage to even get the car out of the parking lot.

Had it not been for their poor judgment, it won’t have cost him so dearly.

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