You Can Now Open A Bottle Without An Opener!

Ever been in a situation where you really needed to open a bottle but had no opener? It has happened to all of us. You can try to open the cap with your teeth but that can result in trauma. Here are a few ways to open a bottle easily. Never again will you regret not carrying an opener with you.

1 – With your palm:


Rest the bottle against a counter top so the cap is on the edge on the counter. Grab the bottle firmly while you strike the cap with your palm. Be careful, though. If the counter is made of wood, it may be damaged. You can also strike the cap with your fist.

2 – Car door:


You should hook the bottle cap in the latch of the car door. Position the bottle so the cap is on the underside of the latch. Now, pull the bottle downwards and the cap will open.

3 – Using a key to open the cap:


Hook a key between the bottle cap and the edge of the bottle. Now, apply force. The cap will be bend upwards a little at a time. Eventually, it will come off.

4 – Paper:


A piece of paper can be used to open the cap. Fold the paper six times. This will make it a little thick. Now position it on the edge of the cap and apply pressure to take the cap off.

5 – With the help of a lighter:


This will only be of benefit if you smoke, otherwise why would you be carrying a lighter? Use one that has a flat side.

6 – Use your ring:


If you wear a ring, this is a great use for it. Just be careful that you don’t end up damaging the ring, especially if it’s an expensive one.

7 – Butter knife:


You can use one to open a bottle cap. First of all, position the knife so its end lies under the bottle cap. Now move it around the whole cap, twisting the edges so they come loose. Then, bang the knife on a hard surface while it is still inserted until the cap. The cap will come off.