You Have Been Making Pasta Incorrectly Your Entire Life. This Is The Correct Way!

Italian cuisines are the top favorites for most of the people and Pasta ranks at the top. Not only is the cuisine healthy, but is also very nutritious due to the herbs and vegetable that are tossed into it. It is a dish with an easy to make recipe, which is why most kids can also make it on their own.
What most people do in order to make this sumptuous dish is that they boil the pasta for about 10 minutes and then throw away the starch water. They even rinse it in cold water and then add it to the sauce. But did you know this is an incorrect way to prepare the dish?


We’ve been blindly following the methods that the rest of the world uses, but to cook a succulent pasta, you need to retain the water in which the pasta was boiled and not throw it away. By throwing away the boiled water you are throwing away the starch which makes the cornflour softer and luscious. Also you should not wash it in cold water as it makes the pasta sticky and you can’t relish it as much.


Even though every individual has their own way of cooking, but these are the few common mistakes everyone tends to make. These mistakes not only attenuate the flavor but also affect our health as the meal is not cooked properly.
So make sure to not repeat any of these mistakes the next time you are trying your hand any Italian gourmet and not just pasta. Use these hacks and you’ll be able to make finger licking dishes.
Watch the VIDEO below to see the correct way of making pasta.

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