You Never Knew Until Now That You've Been Pooping Incorrectly

There are many things in life that we do regularly, but without paying any heed to how we do it. We probably are making grave mistakes while doing specific tasks but are still unaware of it. This one would certainly come across as a shocker, but is truly an eye opener. We are making a mistake even while doing the most basic thing such as pooping on the toilet.

You wouldn’t believe that the way you take a dump is actually incorrect!


If you have been using the western toilets, it’s time for you to know that they way you have been sitting on it and crapping is incorrect.


Posture Matters

The way you sit on the pot can actually affect your health. So it’s high time you should change the way you sit.

Scientists at Stanford University, from the Pelvic Floor Clinic, have mentioned in their studies that squatting in a natural position on the pot is better for the way we poop. The way our bodies are formed, it is a better to squat rather than sit.


They also suggest that if you are sitting while pooping, it can cause diverticulosis, inflammatory bowel disease, hernias, colon cancer, and hemorrhoids. This is due to the stress that it imparts on our posture.


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