You Thought Toothpaste can Clear Your Mouth Only then You have Not Tried it on Headlight!

How amazing it feels when we buy our car from our own salary? But after we buy the car we then realize that why our father nagged us so much about our car handling. Owning a car and maintaining it is like raising an elephant as the expenditure keeps on escalating year after year. This is the reason people are over-possessive about their vehicle as even a small scratch can mean some four figure expenditure. Paying your hard earned money to the garage pinches a lot, obviously we cannot be the jack of all trades and there are few works which need to be dealt by experts only and our engagement may cost us some more bucks. But there are some petty issues which can be resolved in home like cleaning the foggy headlights of the car.
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As your skin, the headlight cover also succumb their sheen with the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and with every progressive year they get covered with the cloudy dirt which doesn’t wash away with soap. You might think on changing the headlights or buying some cleaning kit but all these are costly avenues and why spend even a penny extra when we have toothpaste available. Yes you read it right; toothpaste can clean your faint and diffused headlights into the new one.
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The trick is simple get a toothpaste preferably a whitening one, some water and a cloth.
Now apply a thin layer of toothpaste on your headlight. Avoid spreading the toothpaste on the painted portion of the car as it may affect the colour of the paint. Now wipe out the toothpaste with an old wet towel by mildly rubbing the headlight. You will be flabbergasted to see that your hazy headlight have reincarnated.
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Toothpaste is a serene abrasive that cleans the oxidation from the headlight cover. To shun the chances of quick formation of new haze on the plastic cover of the headlight you can apply wax or spray on a new layer of clear coat which is available at any auto supply store. If you still have doubts on the procedure you can watch this video