You won't believe how these US women described their sexual encounters with aliens as.

Sex with an alien? As bizarre as it sounds, there actually is a group of women from the US who claim to have had sexual encounters with aliens, an experience which according to them is the “best ever”. And it’s not just the sex, mind you; these ladies even claim to have borne up to 13 “Hybrid” children fathered by none-other than the extra-terrestrial beings! Now, how’s that for a bang?

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Let’s get into details. Two women from the US, namely Bridget Nielson from Sedona, AZ and Aluna Verse from Los Angeles, CA are members of the “Hybrid Baby Community” who claim to have undergone conceptions through artificial insemination or real sexual encounters partnered by aliens. The duo believes that the ETs have been harvesting their DNA to produce children that combines the best of both alien and human traits over an extended period of time.

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Neilson, 27, who now has ten “Hybrid” children- four boys and six girls, says that it was the ‘best $ex ever’, and also argues that there are thousands of women from around the world who might have gone through akin ordeals but are not in terms with the truth. “The aliens only take women who, on some level, want to be taken”, she further adds.

“They are not just taking our children – they are creating a hybrid race to better humanity.”

Verse, on her own description about the alien-human sexual encounter, tells reporters that that she was taken on-board a spaceship in a dream-like state and remembers the $ex as one of her most vivid memories.

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“There was a freedom and we were really going for it. It was the best $ex I ever had.” recalls Neilson when asked about her experience with an alien.

However, there also is a sad part to it. These women from the “Hybrid Baby Community” never get to meet their children on earth, which indeed is a sorry state of affair for the mothers. These women make drawings of what their “hybrid” children look like, which when observed, was revealed that though these children have human characteristics, most of them display reptilian features with black eyes.

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For those who don’t approve of these claims and call them hoax, Neilson puts forth her point that there are certain things they can look for in their lives that might suggest otherwise. “There are signs that you can look for” she says, “such as re-occurring dreams about clinics or classrooms, missing times or false pregnancies. These could mean you have hybrid children.”

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Neilson and Verse now plan to build a home for all the hybrid mothers who can come and live together under the same roof, and where it would be safe for their children to visit. It would be somewhere far off the city, they clarify.