Top 10 dares that might not give you a second chance ..!!

‘Dares’ are something we all love once in a while. It raises the adrenaline rush in us. But here are some dares that we would not even think of trying even if someone pays us a million dollars! Well, some of these dares are impossible ones, while others are just something that we would want to stay away from, because if done, they will make our life a living hell.
1. Make Noise when your mom is sleeping:
Doesn’t matter if, she uses mixer grinder, vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer when you are trying to sleep. But, If you dare to make a minute noise while she is asleep, you will have the worst day mankind has seen. You might not be served food or you will be bombarded with shit.

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2. Win a fight with your wife
Winning a fight or even claiming that you won is an impossible task! In case, you are bold enough and you do it, be prepared to face a never ending pool of tears and some heavy credit card expense.

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3. Dating multiple women and never get caught
You see karma is a bitch! It does bite you sooner or later. You can date multiple women, but they will find out sooner or later you are cheating on them.

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4. Hold a basketball without wanting to dribble
You cannot even think this could be one of the dares. But if ever you see someone holding a baskeball, you will notice that they have to dribble it . That ball cannot be held for long.

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 5. Go to a library and do your best tarzan yell
This will bring out the tarzan in you and the Hulk inside the librarian. LOL
If you can pull this off, we salute you.

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6. Put an ice in your pocket and keep it there till it melts
We all know the tingling feeling that an ice cube causes. But what if you face a dare to keep the ice cube in your pocket till it melts. Will it look like you peed?! Or you will carry it off with style like nothing is bothering you!

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7. Go to a restaurant ask for a bite from someone else’s plate.
“Can I taste that fish? I am about to order one. Yours looks delicious. I just want to be sure that my money doesn’t go for food that is not tasty!”

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8. Call random people and ask them if they are feeling sexy today.
Hola! Are you feeling sexy today? Would you like to go out on a date? Doesn’t matter if you are a guy and the person who picks up the call is also a guy! Still the dare is to ask the same question… “Hola! Are you feeling sexy today?”

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9. Go outside and scream ‘I lost my voice’, help me find it.
Go out and scream that you just lost your voice. Ask people to look for it. People hearing you will definitely know that you have lost it 😛

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10. Eat food without using your hands.
Go the animal way! Let people see the wild side in you. Try eating with you hands behind you and try not spilling food, and not getting your nose dirty. Tough? Isn’t it?

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