You're Extremely Special If You Have These Two Holes On Your Back

Many people wouldn’t know that the marks, moles or dents on any part of your body talk a large deal about your personality. They are a window to your real self and carry a secret message about you. Did you know that if you had two circular dents at your back, you are more than just special? I bet even if you don’t know the reason why, you are already checking yourself for the presence of these special holes on your body.
These dents are innate so we can’t chose whether or not to have them. They are located between the region where two bones connect the pelvis. It is found only in those people who have this genetic predispositions or the appropriate sized ligaments.
These small circles at the lower back can be found in both males and females. In men they are called “Apollo Holes” and in women they are called “Venus Holes”. Venus Holes are found in an area where there is no muscle, so it is not possible to create them by exercising. Due to excess fat you may not find them, but by burning that fat they can become evident.
Why these people are considered special is because they are a sign of good blood circulation in a body. If the blood flow is proper it means that a person has a healthy body. Another good news is that a great circulation is vital for achieving an orgasm. So all those who have partners with this physical condition, you people are really lucky as you won’t have to struggle much.
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