10 facts to tell you why being Gay is utterly Awesome, opposed to what you have known until now.

If we had posted this a few years ago, we would have sounded like creeps (don’t blame us for saying this). But now gays and gay rights are discussed everywhere, which is why we would like to list the top ten reasons from the viewpoint of a gay as to why it is cool to be one!

  • Sex is casual:

Well, gay men do not play hard to get. The feeling is mutual (mostly) and $ex is enjoyed as a casual thing- no strings attached. And also, to be looking at the brighter side, there are fewer rapes in the gay community and females do feel safe with us.

  • We have lots of friends:

We are no threat to girls, and that’s precisely why we get to enjoy the company of the fairer-sex, to the utter envy of our straight counterparts. In fact, we don’t pose a threat to neither of the sexes at all; still wondering why we make friends so easily?

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  • We are synonymous to fun:

Yes, we are fun; there is lot of fun to be with a gay. Not ‘cos we are funny (that’s not in our control, obviously), but our actions, in a way, are amusing to others. Not every guy you know who love to dress-up like a woman, giving you the guffaw of your life. what say?

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  • We are coolest member in the family to kids:

Our kids love us. We are never harsh or impolite to them. We can sit back and listen to the kids as they go on and on about their toys, and never get tired of it. Also, we do partake in their little mischief’s, which make us their favorites. needless to mention how funny we do appear to them at times.

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  • It is easy:

As men you experience certain limitations when it comes to discussing stuff with your buddies. Guys do live under this constant fear of what his peers might think in case he tries to discuss matters on a personal level? But gays to have this liberty of opening up to even women when they get emotional or feel low. Being a gay gives us the privilege to be ourselves all the time and people just don’t judge us for talking our hearts out!

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  • Women are no threat to us: 

We don’t consider strong-willed women as a threat to us. We idolize them and think very highly of them. We treat women with a lot of respect! We don’t use the F-word or call women a bitch. We are very appreciative and harmless.

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  • You can trust us with direction: 

Unlike women, we are good with maps and directions. Nor do we mind stopping by a gas station to ask for directions. Being gay comes sans the big fat male ego; road trips are fun with us!

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  • You are not pressured to get married:

As soon as you finish your college or maybe start a job, you kith and kin along with your neighbors start pestering you into getting hitched. But that’s not the case with us. Once we break the news of our sexuality, the pestering comes to a full-stop! And hey, we don’t even have to deliver the ‘good news’ either. Jealous, much?

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  • We know all men don’t want to sleep with us:

We do make good friends. Yes, they are straight men, and we take them for ‘just friends’; so do they. We don’t feel inclined to sleep with every guy we come across.

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  • We get good sex:

Alright, I know I am repeating this, but have you ever heard of gay sex? It is totally incredible!

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