10 Surprising Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio The World Needs To Know

Leonardo DiCaprio is one popular name that needs no introduction at all. Don’t we all remember how he broke the Internet by finally wining an Oscar. The movies that he chooses to be a part of are anything but ordinary and his performance is just legendary. But his outstanding performance in the movie, ‘The Revenant’ has finally won him an Oscar! No matter how hard you try, but you’ll barely find anybody who dislikes this great personality.
You may think you know a large deal about you most loved actor, but there could still be many things that you must have missed. Have a look at these 10 facts about Leonardo DiCaprio that would come as a surprise to you.

1. He stays as far as possible from drugs.

His character in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ may have portrayed him as a party animal but in real life he is no way near his character. Till date he has never done drugs.

2. He is a philantrophic

Not only does DiCaprio have great acting skills on screen, but he is also an environmental activist. He likes saving the world and does his bit. Leonardo has purchased an island called Blackadore Caye in Belize. He bought this island when it suffered from over fishing, deforestation, and an eroding coastline. With his support, the island was resurrected.

3. Kate Winslet flashed him.

On learning the fact that Kate Winslet had to be naked in front of DiCaprio in the movie ‘Titanic’, the first thing that she did when she met him was to flash him.

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