When it comes to defining the types of smart people there are a lot of categories, some who give smart answers, some who ask smart questions but there is one more type- the ones who are smart but do stupid things. Well, these are extremely rare to find and will surprise you with their shenanigans. Take a look at the perfect example of these amazingly smart people.

1. Some Mistakes Are Pleasurable

Well, some mistakes can ruin a person’s life but on the other hand, there are other kinds of mistakes that can just ruin someone’s appetite.



2. Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough.

Your parents might have told you barging into people’s home isn’t a good idea but they didn’t really say anything about their shops right?


3. Did someone ask for a soft toy?

Some people can get a bit too demanding and this kid is the perfect example of what happens when you  want a bit too much of everything


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