10-Year-Old Boy Raises Money To Provide Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs

Even though it is considered that parents are responsible to teach kindness to their children, some kids are born with it. This 10-year-old residing in Strongsville, Ohio proved that he was born with kindness by raising money to provide bulletproof vests for police dogs.

Back in 2018 when Brady Snakovsky was watching an episode of Live PD with his mother, Leha Tornabene, he noticed a police K-9 on the show was not provided protective equipment as his handler. It didn’t take him much time to realize that it was true of all police dogs. That is when he realized that it is time to step up and do something.

So, he set up a GoFundMe page, the receipts of which allowed him to buy the first four vests in February 2018. The vests were given to dogs within the Ohio State Troopers a few months later.

This motivated Brady to contribute more to the cause and he started attending community events to raise awareness and funds. He wrote to his local congressmen and told everybody he met about his mission to protect police dogs.

Soon, his efforts started paying off and the young boy set up a nonprofit organization, Brady’s K9 fund. It raises money to supply bulletproof vests to police and military dogs. Brady has raised $315,000 and has supplied more than 257 dogs with the vests.

His contribution to dogs’ welfare isn’t limited to donating vests to them. But in addition to that, he has also helped create a dog park in his hometown of Brunswick that closes once a week to give police dogs a chance to train with their handlers.

Brady’s mom said in an interview that she and Brady were watching the show together and she didn’t even notice that the dog wasn’t wearing the vest. She was quite surprised that a child at age eight not only recognized the issue but also came up with a solution to fix that problem. It made her proud to see her son doing that.

She further added that people don’t realize that police forces have to rely on the help of donations for their K9 units, so every dollar matters which makes Brady’s hundreds of thousands of dollars even more impressive.

In her words, “As his mum, I’m very proud of him for putting others first. He thinks they should be protected and he saw a need for that.”

Talking about his future, her mother revealed that Brady wishes to be a police officer like his stepfather and wants to help out other people and keep them safe.

Even at such a tender age, he isn’t doing anything less by already keeping hundreds of dogs safe and he hopes to help as many police dogs as he can in the near future.