10-Year-Old Who Was Destined To Never Take A Step Crosses The Disney Princess 5k

The moment Hannah was left in her Kazakhstan orphanage doctors informed the caretaker that there was a very high probability that she might never be able to walk. Nonetheless, Erin Herman took charge to adopt Hannah while she was only 11 months old. She decided to battle whatever struggles were going to come her way, and with this courage, the mother-daughter duo finished the Disney Princess 5K.

As the pair celebrated Hannah’s tenth birth anniversary, they also made their trip to Disneyland. Little did they know that this day would bring yet another joy for both of them. The day turned even brighter when they ran the half marathon at the Walt Disney World. But their journey started some right when Hannah was legally adopted by Erin. Post their return to Cincinnati in Ohio, Erin began getting physical therapies for her daughter, and just before her second birthday, Hannah took her first step.

Although for a long period of time she was walker-dependent but it all settled eventually. Herman in her interview with the WKRC Cincinnati mentioned how the little girl was full of zest, patience, hope, and will. Over the time span of the following eight years, Hannah defied destiny and began not just walking or running but also swimming, she took an active part in various competitions and emerged as a winner breaking some of the most famous records. This year for the Hannahversary the mother-daughter pair decided to take part in the race weekend of Disney World, themed on Disney’s Princesses and it turned out to be all the more special.

Herman told the Disney Parks Blog that the place was very close to her heart and visiting it with her daughter made it even more special. Herman who believes Hannah to be her fairytale finds the beautiful land of Disney to be a place where they find not only fun and frolic but also peace and solace.

Hannah’s epic win in the race is a motivation to all those who were told that something was off-limits or out of their league. Herman in her interview with FOX19, recalling the time when doctors informed her that Hannah would never be able to walk mentioned that how her daughter inspired the local kids around and was not only walking but also running and swimming efficiently as opposed to what the medical experts said. She also informed the news team that her daughter hopes to complete the triathlon someday.

As per Erin little decisions make up our whole lives, she believes that every child deserves a life full of love and opportunities and a physical restraint must not hamper their growth and potential, as she added to her WKRC Cincinnati interview.

On similar lines, Marko Cheseto, another of the top four during the half marathon gained respect from the masses. He lost both his legs some eleven years earlier. He who happens to be a student at the Alaska-Anchorage is of Kenyan descent and was once lost in the woods for three days and because of frostbite had to get both his legs below the knee amputated. However, he did not lose hope. In his interview with the ESPN, he said that his strength was not in his legs but his heart. The 37-year-old is a world record holder for a double amputee and hopes to complete many more.

Now, aren’t both these stories heartwarming and full of hope?