12 Epic Zoo Fails You Can't Miss! #8 Will Leave You In Splits

For kids, there is no better field trip than going to the zoo. Most people keep pictures from these trips for years and those memories often last a lifetime. After all, seeing the rare and exotic animals from all over the world in one place is quite exciting and educating.
But sometimes, it’s the last place you want to be. At times, the zookeepers do everything they can to offer their visitors entertainment and the following pictures of these hilarious zoo fails from around the world will prove it. Careful, you never know when you might see something illogical or weird on your next trip to the Zoo.

#1 A drill displayed beautifully in place of an animal.

That’s what we’re all here for, kids. That’s right, a drill, the most elusive animal in the entire animal kingdom. Maybe next we can see the jackhammer, the ladder, or the wrench.


#2 An orangutan is surely not in a mood to entertain visitors.

This poor orangutan seems to be having a bad day, but it’s not fair of him to take it out on this little girl. Do you think he even knew what he was doing?


#3 A yummy human snack.

If the animal seems hungry to you, it is advised not to go near because you might end up like this boy who was mistaken by the baby camel for his food.


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