12 Products That Support The "Just Energy Efficient" Tag For The Lazy People!

Being lazy can be difficult. Very, very difficult. It seems like the entire world is your worst enemy and wants to see you do nothing but “work”. What they don’t realize is that being sluggish take more efforts and sometimes doing the simplest of tasks like turning off the lights or crossing the living room for the TV remote can be extremely exhausting, especially for the lazier of the lot. But thanks to the technology, the quest to relieve people of these tasks is becoming increasingly normal and ridiculous and thus, offering instant gratification. So, we have prepared a list of products that are just perfect for the people who lack motivation and can’t be bothered.

#1 Self-stirring Mug

Stirring is such a laborious task. It strains your arms to no end and the sugar just refuses to melt. We understand you have better things to do in life, like sleeping. So worry not, this mug was created just for you.


#2 Toilet Paper Extender

Because poo times are for relaxation, not arm stretching exercises.

Slightly warped

#3 Auto-Swirling Motorized Ice-cream Cone

Because your tongue deserves a break and this motorized ice cream cone holder does it for you. This ice cream spins by itself so your tongue doesn’t have to do all the heavy licking. Isn’t it amazing!


#4 Prism Reading Glasses

Is sitting up to read or to watch TV too much work for you? Then the Prism Glasses are made just for you. This will turn your view to a downward 90 degree angle, eliminating the need for head movement. Problem solved.


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