12 Products That Support The "Just Energy Efficient" Tag For The Lazy People!

#5 Abs enhancer

Want to go from flab to fab in just minutes? This contraption fits under your clothes and does something that’s entirely unclear. But if that’s not enough to convince you, pseduo-athletes claim, ‘chicks dig it.’


#6 The Pour Thing

This prevents you from having to lift anything heavy from the fridge and still get your drink without putting any sort of strain on your arms.


#7 The Couch Coaster

Sometimes that coffee table is just too far away and you feel too lazy to get up and get it. So, use a couch coaster so that you’ll have your drink within arm’s reach.

Couch coaster

#8 The Banana Slicer

Right now, you’re probably spending interminable seconds slicing your bananas slice-by-slice. So, save your precious time and get efficient by doing it in one fell swoop.


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