12 Sculptures made of SAND That Will Take Your Breath Away!!!

When it comes to priceless art, one thinks of nothing but the works of Picasso or the likes of Mona Lisa or the artists who are world renowned. But watching that same decorated piece of art on the same wall or corner for possibly your entire life doesn’t seem that alluring. Well, variety is the spice of life but spending big bucks on one piece doesn’t leave one with the option to do it again. So, for those who love art in any form and don’t like to empty their pockets, there are certain artists who have come up with some amazing sculptures made of sand that are not only less durable but also allow the art lovers to appreciate the creation and the creator at its best.
It’s popularity has been going on an ever increasing pace and so, several competitions for the same are being conducted all over the world. And despite the knowledge that their work will be destroyed by the Nature, the artists spend 100s of hours turning their imagination into sand sculptures. And just because they are made of sand that doesn’t mean they are some mediocre art. They are so realistic and so detailed that it is sad to know that they only existed for a short time only to disappear and only for the onlookers to capture.
So take a stroll through some of the incredible sand sculptures that existed but are no more. Kudos to the artist’s who really created beautiful works of art.

#1 The greatest feeling of Motherhood

The one of the most wonderful perks of being a woman is to be able to bring a whole new life into the world. And this sculpture summaries it all in one.


#2 A mermaid on land

The artist has created a beautiful sculpture and brought inside-the-water world out in the open for the humans to see.


#3 A troubled woman

Responsibilities, anxieties, depression and so many never-ending issues are not new to any person. An artist brought out such plight of  woman through this piece of art.


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