12 Snapchats That Are Ridiculously Relatable For People In Relationships!

Technology is a great tool to have. Not only has it made our lives easier but has also given us access to millions upon millions of pieces of information with just a few clicks on the keyboard. We all are super busy these days and in times like these, technology comes in handy. It makes it easier for us to stay in touch with friends and family that we otherwise wouldn’t be in close contact with. Social media has also blossomed into this huge platform for everyone of all ages to use, to express themselves and to share snippets of their lives to others around them. It all started with MySpace and will probably continue to expand in years to come. However, there’s one app that’s here to stay and i.e., Snapchat. It is great for people who have narcissistic tendencies. While everybody uses it as per their requirements, there are people who use it solely to connect with their best friend, siblings or even, a boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, the next 15 Snapchats are incredibly relatable to anyone that has been or is in a relationship and used Snapchat to get their SO’s attention.
And if you aren’t, you’ll still be entertained.

#1 The Brutal Break-up Snap!

We’d hope that no one would be savage enough to actually do this but, obviously, there are people out there that have had this happen to them.


#2 The Food Is Bae Snapchat! #Goals

“Because food is bae.” These people have their lives sorted and know exactly what they want.


#3 Who Ate Her Leftovers???

The majority of us have probably lived with a roommate or two and had to all but lick every bit of our food just so they would leave it alone.


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