13 Compelling Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shop Online! #10 Is A Great Disappointment

With the advancements in the technology, e-commerce has become a raging phenomenon and a respite in the busy lives of humans. Online shopping has provided a greater convenience and ease to the people. Moreover, it also seems cool and has a lot of perks. But like it is said not every shining thing is gold, at least not all the time. And shopping online is one such thing; what you see and what you get might not always be same. Sometimes it might just be frustrating. Imagine you are eagerly wait for a few days to get your order delivered only to find out that the perfect item you purchased online is nothing like you thought. So, we have bought for you these disgruntled customers’ ordeals that a proof of how important it is to read the small print before you click ‘buy’. Check them out:

#1 Before and after Christmas mug

A man ordered a black Christmas Mug with the thought of surprising his wife. The black mug was supposed to change into a mug with the Christmas scenery. Rather, he was surprised himself.


2. Kid’s tent for an adult

3 years ago, a man received a kid’s tent instead of his order of a two-person adult sized tent. Though he used that tent and took it for the festival, he later posted the picture for others to be super cautious while ordering online.

Kelly McDouble/ Daily Mail

3. A bedroom rug or a coaster rug.

A man ordered a rug for his bedroom online but he received a rug, equal to the size of a coaster. So, before shopping online, do remember to check the size of the product.


4. Surprise or no surprise

A girl wanted to surprise her mother on the eve of mother’s day and so ordered the party supplies online. And, gave clear indications so as to keep the surprise, a surprise. What can we say? It was not be a good idea to order the supplies online, after all.


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