15 Secrets Straight From The Flight Attendants That Will Make You Take The Air Way Without Any Doubts!!

In spite of what your anxiety might be telling you, flying is the safest, fastest and most efficient mode of transportation out there. However, everything has its secret and travelling as passengers, you remain unaware of them. But the flight attendants being on the inside know everything that you should and shouldn’t know. Appears they are not just the smiling beautiful faces who make sure that your seatbelt is buckled and that your drink is always refreshed.
So, here are some of those secrets, as told by flight attendants that will surely assure you for the pleasant journey you will be having when travelling by airplane.

#1 Even though you will be travelling at a height of thousands of feet from the land, you need not worry about your safety.

Seeing how many people die in the road accidents, the probability of you getting in a plane accident is like one in a million. So, just enjoy your travel with a free mind.


#2 If you like to sleep in the entire air journey, then it is advisable to tire yourself out to the maximum.

In order to avoid jet lag, people prefer to doze off on the plane and for that, you might stay up late or do some physical work prior to the flight.


#3 Most major International airports have the facility of showers for the passengers stuck in the flight connections.

Do make sure to carry a spare set of clothes as everything seems good when you are fresh.


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