These 10 signs will tell you that honeymoon is over for you.

The end of the honeymoon phase.

There are many who go into denial, and they can manage to keep the phase going for a few months, even a few years if they are super lucky… and don’t live together… and use the Wendy’s washroom every time they need to make a number two.

But there are others who count the seconds for the end of the honeymoon phase. That magical time when you are your complete self, and the relationship has become a judgment-free zone.

Of course, it’s good to keep some of the magic alive. So here are some tell-tale signs that the honeymoon phase is coming to an end and to watch out for the onslaught of action figures that will inevitably flood your home.

  1. The need for having to buy two blankets.

    honeymoon 1

  2. When you are literally pissed at your girl and you badly need a reason to get out of the house.

    honeymoon 2

  3. When sports take the better of you, and everything else comes second.

    honeymoon 3

  4. When the only time you buy flowers for her is when you’ve done something wrong.

    honeymoon 4

  5. When bae threatens you with your life for watching a DVD without her.

    honeymoon 5

  6. When TV commercials are the only time you can get close to your spouse.

    honeymoon 6

  7. When there is poop and more poop all the time.

    honeymoon 7

  8. When you realize that you can now safely gain the extra pounds.

    honeymoon 8

  9. When shit just gets more real.

    honeymoon 9

  10. When your partner gets you a veggie surprise, instead of concert tickets or diamonds.

    honeymoon 10