16 Cats Who Are Totally Inspired By Their Surroundings!

We are sure if you or anybody close to you owns a cat, you would be familiar with how royal and pricey they tend to be at times. They pretty much act as if they own their humans and like to boss around them. However, the good thing is cats like to keep things interesting and funny. They have their own personality that sure keeps us entertained. Also, the fact that they are super adorable and way too much fun to hang out with, helps to keep up with their ever-so-often mood swings and tantrums.
While some of them keep us busy with their hilarious expressions, some cats love to imitate people and objects. Here are some of the cat owners who happen to catch them taking their cues from some pretty obvious sources as you can see below! We are sure you’ll enjoy this one.

#1 Salvador Deli

A legend in the making!


#2 Maleficent

This Maleficent inspired little feline looks as evil as Angelina Jolie.
P.S- Do not miss those identical headbands!


#3 A Pinup Girl!

A wannabe pin-up girl! This one will surely appeal to the masses!


#4 A Roasted Turkey

 All set for thanksgiving!


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