19-Year-Old Prankster Fakes Coachella Pics And Fools Everyone

This was part two of his prank that attempted to establish the fact that people were very easy to fool. “I was startled at the response I received the first time with my ‘luxurious life prank’ and so the second installment too had to be on the same parameters but with a twist. Given the history, it was harder this time because many were cautious already and people even began questioning my real and genuine trips and pictures. All my recent pictures from the Rome tour are flooded with comments like ‘It is fake’ ‘so unreal’ etc. It is very annoying but I signed up for it and so my way of getting back at them is focusing on the minute Photoshop details” said Denton.

He knew this time it has to be his A game for which his mother was a big help, she made sure not to speak of the experiment to anyone else and she who happens to be a graphic designer came in with a lot more expertise than Denton himself. Thanks to her skills a lot of his friends and followers fell for the prank to the extent that one of his cousins Face-Timed him to ensure his presence at the festival. However, my bluff was revealed when people began posting my pictures from the Shawn Mendes concert online questioning my omnipresence. Groups were created consisting of people trying to decode the mystery.


As a matter of fact, his Californian followers were the easiest to fool and famous YouTubers who truly thought Bryon was at the music festival. Denton thought people especially YouTubers were aware of behind the scenes of the internet posts but he was wrong. But all in all the 19-year-old is happy that this time he pranked more people than the first time. Talking about his experience Bryon said that he isn’t a Photoshop expert but knows with the help of this tool anyone can fake a life, they do not lead.

Oh wait did this kid just establish a thumb rule for the social media Dos and Don’ts? Well we hope he did because you never know who falls prey to the monsters residing inside this wired village.