21-Year-Old Spent Wrongly Transferred $4.6 Million On The Most Ridiculous Things

Ms Lee had been granted bail on Thursday, provided she surrendered her passport and lived with boyfriend Vincent King, who claims to have no knowledge of the funds.

However, she was blocked from leaving custody when her boyfriend couldn’t prove his identity and made spelling errors on the application form. On Friday morning, Mr King presented several documents to Waverley Local Court with his name being amended to Junnan Jin so the Malaysian-born woman could make bail. Ms Lee will have her case heard again in court on June 21.


But the trouble doesn’t end here for the 21-year-old, as she was detained again at Sydney Airport on Wednesday night when she attempted to leave Australia for Malaysia.

According to police, Ms Lee opened the bank account before her 18th birthday, but it was not until 2014 that she started withdrawing money. During the investigation, the police went to the hairdressing salon where she was frequent. The salon was right beneath her luxurious apartment and her hairdresser considered Ms Lee, “a nice girl but she didn’t talk too much.” She further added, “We heard what had happened, but it is ridiculous that they put all that money in someone’s account by mistake.”


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