The westerners got the Kamasutra from Indians. Check out the 10 Indian paraphernalia adapted by the foreigners.

When it comes to India, everything about the country¬†seems just amazing … not only because we belong to India but also because we see so many of our Indian Ideas becoming a part of the daily lives of so many people living overseas.

So what makes these Ideas so amazing?

The simple fact that people in Ancient India were a lot more advanced, intelligent and far more learned than people living in the ancient versions of other countries back then. The ideologies and methodologies devised in those ages are now being tested in labs and being scrutinized by science, only to see that the developments and methods used in those ages were very science appropriate, and were developed by maharishis and ancient knowledgeable people with a very forward thought process. Let’s take a look at the Ideas that Rocked the World!

1. Yoga

Yoga, undoubtedly has to be the King of all Indian ideas that got adopted abroad. Yoga is just an umbrella term that includes a set of practices, postures and stretches that relieve from several ailments and help reach a stronger physical, mental as well as a higher spiritual self. It s also a philosophy as well as a religion!


2. Religion

The second most popular idea of Indian origin is Religion. Be it Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism, by every passing day, people in developed countries as well as other countries are practising beliefs of these religions, reaching a new height of spiritual relief.


3. Languages

When people abroad adopt a certain religion, they also go forward and adopt the pertaining languages of that country. Hindi, Sanskrit and Pali being the Indian languages in some of the most faded of conditions in their own country are gaining immense popularity and attention in countries overseas.