50 Most Beautiful Women Of The World.


Beauty, the most happening topic over the internet. Often beauty is mistakenly counted for physical attributes, but the fact is that real beauty lies in humane qualities like that of humbleness, intelligence and confidence. These remain intact throughout the life and keeps the person beautiful forever. While determining the beauty it is important to consider the inner soul along with the physical appearance. So women, don’t fool yourselves by counting only the physical appearance. You all are beautiful just the way you are. This list celebrates the success of women in every field in world. The women chosen here are popular, have celebrity status and are successful in their fields.

#   1  Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift 28, better known as American Sweetheart, had been described as a singer, who had rocketed to the top of the industry while still being attached to the ground. She is so down to earth that she deems it her responsibility to pay attention to the influence she put on her fans.

#  2  Nargis Fakhri


Self described as global citizen; she was born to multi-cultural parents in Queens, New York City. The established model and actor chose modeling as it provided her with the opportunity to travel around the world. She is known to be a shy person with great sense of humor.

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