7 Friends Bought A Mansion To Stay Together After Retirement

Many of us have said that our friends are our soulmates but how often do we prove it? 7 Chinese women have proved that their friendship is strong. It all started as a joke but it led the women to buy their dream property in the suburbs of Guangzhou, south eastern Guangdong province in China together with the idea of renovating it into their retirement home.

The group of women spent £462000 or four million Yuan to refurbish the 3 story mansion which even boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a huge kitchen complete with a tea pavilion and of course, a swimming pool. The impressive mansion has 7 bedrooms, one for each woman. The property is spread across 7,535 square foot and is surrounded by paddy fields. The village is around 70 kilometres away from Guangzhou city centre.


The women who are in their 30s originally met 20 years ago and stayed friends through thick and thin. The women have a shared interest of drinking tea which prompted them to design a tea pavilion in the fields that is connected to the mansion through a bamboo walkway.

The friends have not taken this decision in a moment and have planned many aspects. One proof is that they have made a pact to master one skill each that will be useful in living after retirement. This includes cooking, growing vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine and playing music.

One of the women, Jin Du said, “We’re all independent individuals but we can communicate and rely on each other at the same time. Ten years later our children would have all grown up. So we hope we can be together again in 10 years.”

We hope this well-knit friendship stays strong forever.