7-Year-Old Brought Flowers To Win Back Girlfriend

A seven-year-old schoolboy, Harley Glenwright, from Barnsley made a sweet gesture to restore his two-year-old relationship. He gave a beautiful flower bouquet to his girlfriend Sophie Clancy as she was upset with him because of his attitude problems.

This small kid has autism and ADHD and was annoyed with his new teacher due to which he had behavioral issues. He was jilted by his girlfriend on the first day of the reopening of school. He did not give up on her, rather by giving her the flowers he won her heart back and apologized for his actions. Reacting to the sweet gesture, Sophie hugged him and voiced that she loved him.

People from all around were very keen to know about the couple on online platforms. Harley’s mother Stefania Finch felt pleasing to watch her son behaving like a gentleman. Her mother explained how excitingly he took the flowers from her and gave it to his girlfriend. She also told how difficult it is for her son to deal with ADHD and autism and this makes him a problematic kid at times.

Stefania also suggested Sophie’s mom Jacklyn Clancey, to bring her daughter for a mini play date at her place. She told that her son was very impatient to meet his girlfriend during the lockdown.

Sophie broke up with Harley on 7th August. Sophie felt a sudden need to do so because Harley started having attitude problems after getting angry with his new teacher and he became sad. Harley felt upset after realizing whatever happened. His mother suggested him to give Sophie flowers and make up for the situation as they did in the past when things went wrong with the school staff.

Harley made up his mind to apologize to Sophie with flowers and chocolates. Therefore, the next day he got ready early and prepared himself for the deed. He waited till the end of the day and finally apologized by giving her the beautiful bouquet. She accepted his apologies and gave him a tight hug. She is even helping him now to deal with his anger issues. Harley told his mom how happy he was to get back together with Sophie.

Sophie was overwhelmed with Harley’s gesture and claimed that she loved him to bits and wanted to return the favor by gifting him a toy or something cuter. Sophie’s mom adored the couple a lot and she felt grateful that they settled things out. Sophie wanted to savor the moment as this was the best thing which she experienced in a long time, so she put the flowers into a vase.

Sophie’s mother admired Harley’s upbringing as apologizing with this sweet gesture at such a young age is a rare gentlemen trait. She said, “I can’t get my boyfriend to get me flowers even on my birthday. He’s feeling the pressure now.”

Looking at these two cute fellows, Sophie’s mother now wanted her boyfriend to step up the game and make things romantic.