74-Year-Old Woman Graduated With 22-Year-Old Granddaughter

Pat and her grandchild, Melody, accepted their degrees during the same graduation ceremony on November 20. Pat secured a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, where as Melody got her bachelor’s in psychology.

The pair confessed that they had made a pact of graduating together long before. They decided this when they signed up at UTC in 2017. In order to graduate at the same time, Pat had to invest herself more than what she was expected to. University said that Pat sometimes had to take 5 courses per semester, plus labs. In spite of having such a heavy workload, she managed to score an average of 3.79-grade points.

Pat was only able to do this because she had a successful career in accounting back during her days. Along with having a job, she was even a full-time mother and grandmother. In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s she chose to learn certain courses here and there but was not able to complete her degree as she was much occupied in her life.

She told that the money for the classes had to be used for the classes themselves only after the living expenses and the children’s expenses were taken care of. This meant there was only a small amount of money left for her education. So when she retired, her family motivated her to give college another try.

Despite graduating, it seemed like Pat was not ready to give up school yet. She began to work towards a bachelor’s in history and wished to have a degree of it in hand by sometime in 2023 or maybe earlier.

Both Pat and Melody have not yet decided what they want to pursue ahead of their degree. However, Melody said that wherever her destiny takes her to, her grandmother would always be the greatest inspiration of her life.

She has encouraged her to sort of taking her own time. She understood that she had a whole life ahead of her and there was no need to hurry to be successful. One should enjoy their life to the fullest. Having a career is definitely important, but living your life and being happy with it is more important. She knew that her grandmother had seen and experienced a lot of things and she would like to be able to say that when she was older.