8 reasons why Las Vegas should be on your bucket list.

It’s Vegas, baby! Needs we say more? Well, for those who know not much about the perks of taking a trip to Las Vegas, we have compiled this non-comprehensive list of the aspects that make the city a vacationer’s paradise. Vegas will give you 100 different reasons to make it worth the trip— a few of them are listed below.

“Value for Money”002370-01-bedroom-king-bed-city-view

Name any other place where you can spend the night for as less as 100 dollars, and that too in a five-star accommodation. Exceptional dining at affordable rates and inexpensive show passes just add icing to the cake.

Shopper’s Paradiseforum-shops-at-caesars-palace-featured-image

Premium shopping outlets and shopping malls where you will find all the top designer brands make Vegas a paradise for the extensive shopper. The best part is that these stores throw away huge discounts all round the year, needless to mention those pawn shows Vegas is famous for, that would get you some real goodies without having to break the bank— All you have to do is to stay away from those casino shops!

“Things to do”AX022773-660x420

Well, Vegas is not about casinos and shopping in all. The famous Red Rock Canyon is only about 20-minutes away from the city! Lake Mead, Death Valley, Zion National park and the great Grand Canyon are some of the many attractions in and around Vegas.  Rock ‘n’ Rolla, folks!

Gamblers’ denIMGa7213

Have a penchant for gambling but can’t afford those outrageously expensive Vegas Casinos? Why don’t you try one of those “Glitter Gulch”? With looser odds, friendlier rules and great benefits, these local casinos will keep the money flowing for you!

Adventure tourismAARP-Foundation-invites-NASCAR-fans-to-ride-with-Jeff-Gordon-5195_1

Ah! A little adventure is what you seek, you say? Vegas is the answer yet again! Get behind the wheels of a NASCAR vehicle and you will be sweeping the tracks in no time, at the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure club. Not satisfied yet? What about swimming with dolphins at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden marine habitat? You can also shoot some guns at Machine Guns Vegas. And these are just a wee bit of the adventure activities you get to do in Vegas.

Learn in the fun4504e703c956423b4c05dc7087d36558

You might not believe me when I tell you that Vegas is a center of learning as well. And in order to put weight to my point, let me tell you that there are umpteen museums in Vegas that would provide you enough enlightenment for a learning experience. The National Atomic Testing Museum, The Neon Museum, the Mob Museum and the Pinball Hall of Fame are just to name a few!

Food & a glass of wine373_Country_Club_Patio_Evening_Barbara-Kraft_DESKTOP

As stated earlier, Vegas is your place for fine dining and classy wine without having to burn holes in your pocket. The most delicious of food and drinks you would ever find are here in Las Vegas. Top class 5-star restaurants with AAA 5 Diamond Awards… Yeah! That’s what eating out in Vegas is like. And don’t let the class fool you; you will be spending much less on what you would otherwise spend in a NY restaurant, or say, a Los Angeles one.

Sin City!las-vegas-tunnel-people (11)[7]

 Sex, glamor, booze and women define the tawdry glitz of Sin City. “Rock on with their frocks out”, as they say, you trip to Las Vegas isn’t complete in case you fail to visit the Sin City. Las Vegas is irresistible, and Sin City makes it all the more.