89-year-Old Woman Knits Home-Made Warm Blankets And Coats For Shelter Dogs

Life is about love, and love is meant to be shared. The 89-year-old woman from London has given an example of this. She admires and loves animals especially dogs. The 89-year-old woman knitted 450 blankets and coats for shelter dogs. She also loves knitting and mixed the passion of two.

89-year-old Maisie Green from London, England loves dogs and knitting very much. When she had the opportunity to mix the two and do something for shelter dogs she did not think twice before saying yes and helping the shelter dogs. She did the hand-crafting and knitting work for her family and friends and now she could do more with her talent and passion. A few years ago she received a request among many other crafty locals from the UK-based animal shelter, Dogs Trust Basildon.

The shelter shared on their Facebook page “Nifty with needles or handy with a crochet hook? We’re calling all crafty types to contribute home-made dog coats for our Hope Project Christmas hampers.” The initiative taken by the animal shelter appealed Maisie and she started working on home-made blankets and coats for shelter dogs.

Nifty with needles or handy with a crochet hook? We're calling all crafty types to contribute home-made dog coats for…

Posted by Dogs Trust on Friday, September 7, 2012

The shelter requested for home-made blankets and coats in December 2018 and ever since Maisi has spent her time knitting home-made blankets and coats for the dogs at the shelter. She has knitted 450 blankets and coats in three years so that all the dogs at the shelter could remain warm in the winters. Dog Trust shared a picture of Maisie on their official Instagram page with her latest batch of donations of home-made blankets and coats.

She shared her thoughts with shelter and said “It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a doggy coat. It keeps me busy and often I like to knit whilst watching television. I’m delighted to be helping the four-legged residents at the center in some way.” Lisa Cooper, the manager of Dogs Trust Re-homing Center shared that Maisie regularly visits the shelter and donates warm knitted clothes for the dogs at the shelter.

Lisa further shared some pictures of the dogs from the shelter and wrote: “With the chill of the winter months starting to creep up on us I know our dogs are very pleased to put the items to good use – and love feeling extra cozy.” It is just not Maisie that knits warm and cozy home-made blankets and coats for the dogs at the shelter. Her family also helps her with knitting. This way the family spends time with Maisie as well.

Dogs Trust Re-Homing Center is one of the biggest dog rescue organizations in the United Kingdome which provides shelter to more than 16,000 dogs. The organization has 18 re-homing centers. The organization accepts donations and sponsors from all over the world. It also accepts when anybody likes to sponsor a deserving dog in need.

This kind of passion and love is what now the world requires. With all the chaos and hectic schedules, patience and stability are necessary. People need to understand what love means. Love is a small word but with a deep meaning and different perspectives. We should admire everyone and everything because the fortunate are the ones who admire and not envy.