91-Year-Old Fashionista Dresses Up For Caregiver During Lockdown

All dressed up and nowhere to go is not a pleasant feeling. In this time of the pandemic, the only places we can visit are the workplace or essential shopping places. But for people like Betty McDonald, a 91-year-old woman, going outside was very fatal. Betty was a hardcore fashion enthusiast with 3 closets full of clothes.

Betty was in the high-risk age group and therefore didn’t feel safe going out for socializing. However, being stuck at home didn’t mean that she could not get dolled up and do a fashion show in her backyard.

Some lucky people were allowed to work from home and didn’t care about work clothes anymore. They stood to being in their jammies and shorts all day. Zoom meeting got creative with business attire containing one top and Pjs on the bottom.

Betty lived in Georgia; it was one of the few states that allowed the business to open. But it wasn’t safe for old people to go out. She mentioned that these were the sad times and it was heartbreaking.

Even though Betty was too old for dating or to work, she didn’t stop doing her hair, make-up, or wearing her favorite outfits. Even though Betty didn’t feel safe going out and socializing during these times, it didn’t stop her from getting dolled up. She had 3 closets full of clothes and gorgeous jewelry.

It was getting very difficult for her to stay indoors and cop up as she loved traveling and socializing. Therefore, the 91-year-old, Kim Taylor, decided to do something fun which would help take her mind off the Coronavirus. The duo started doing fashion shows, with Kim as the high fashion photographer and Betty as the ramp model.

The sharp-looking woman at times looked like the Queen of England, with her delicately solicited outfits, used to shop for her at her goodwill. Kim had taken tons of photographs of beauty wearing beautiful, flowing skirts, old-school baubles, and elaborate Kentucky Derby-worthy hats.

Like any other popular fashionista, she smartly coordinated her outfits, before time. But in contrast to her age, she was very creative and traditional. She liked shiny and glossy stuff. Betty didn’t have any kids and her husband passed away in 2007, but she had other family, friends, and neighbors, that she loved sharing her fashion videos with.

Betty’s brilliant fashion shows uplifted everyone’s spirits. Kim said that many people told her that she reminded them that there’s more to life than watching television and the latest news on COVID. Betty had been feeling less anxious about the pandemic due to these fashion shows. Also, she said once that she didn’t know about how much more time had to live, so she wanted to do the best for “today”.