9/11 Memorials Around The world.

The entire world was taken aback when one of the greatest nations of the world had to fight with terrorism. Its never humane with terrorism. Loss of life, property, wealth etc are the common aftermaths of a terrorist attack. Its always brutal and nothing can ever be done to explain the attacks. Fifteen years and till today it gives us chills when we talk about it. The entire world came together after it and there are nations who built 9/11 war memorials. Here’s a list of best of them.

1.’Tribute in Lights’, New York City


Every year, eleventh of September is remembered in New York, by lightning up 88 beams of light that shoot right up in the sky. The lights are placed where the twin towers used to be,reminding the New Yorkers the same. They remember this day by looking up.

2. Trinity Root, Bryant Park, New York City.


The trinity root was created by Steve Tobin, the tree is believed to be made from the roots of the Sycamore tree that saved St Paula’s Chapel during the 2001 September attacks. The root has recently been moved to West Cornwall,Conn., from the intersection of Broadway and Wall street.

3. Fire Department New York Memorial Wall, New York.


A memorial to the 343 firefighters who died saving others in the September 11 attacks. It is built at the wall of the firehouse that is right across the World Trade Centre. A scene is created on the wall, showcasing firefighters performing  different tasks, underneath that the names of the  343 firefighters are listed.

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