92-Year-Old Woman’s Life Was Saved By A Garbage Man

Instead of ignoring this small thing, Jake Bland, the operations manager of KY’s Hometown Hauling, decided to look into the matter. He asked dispatch to call the woman and see if everything was alright. Soon, Jake and his team came to know that the woman was 92-years-old and she did not have any trash for the last couple of weeks because she did not buy any food to eat. Due to coronavirus, she had not been able to go out for grocery shopping. She had been living off of the food which she had in her home earlier.

Bernice Arthur had a chat with the old woman and got to know that she didn’t have any means to go out and shop for food during this pandemic. Not only this, she didn’t have any family who could help her out. Since the old woman barely had any food, she did not have any trash to throw away.

Arthur consoled her and said that she did have a family now. Hometown Hauling stepped in and decided to help the woman. They made a list of essential groceries, went shopping and paid for all of it. Jake himself delivered the groceries to the elderly woman called Mrs. W.

The action taken by Hometown Hauling put forward the issue that due to lockdown many people might be facing a shortage of food. One can never fully know about what’s going on in each area. During this time of crisis, we cannot assume that everyone is fine and doing well. The neighborhood where Mrs. W lived was never known for food shortages, yet she was struggling. Her neighbors were also unaware of the fact that she was running out of food.

Jack and Arthur turned out to be great heroes who went out of their way to help Mrs. W. Not only Mrs. W, but there are many other elderly people out there who are struggling for food. They are not able to leave their home to buy groceries. Some of them might have family members and friends who are helping them in this situation, but everyone is not so lucky.

Mrs. W did not have anyone to ask for help and due to the pandemic, it became even harder. Arthur also added that had they not reached out to her, Mrs. W wouldn’t have sought any help. He learned a lesson to always check on his neighbors and put something out there for them on the porch. You never truly know if everyone is doing fine.

Hometown Hauling really cared about their customers and reminded us to keep a check on our neighbors during this tough time.