97-Year-Old Lady Attended The Prom For The First Time

A lady went to prom at the age of 97 for the first time in her life. Not only she went to the prom but also won the prom queen title. She left everyone speechless with her personality, wit, and charm.

Helen Danis, 97-years-old, from Rhode Island put on her best dress and heels for the special day she had been waiting for her whole life. Danis could not attend her prom 80-years ago but would not miss it again at any cost. Life had given her a chance to enjoy the day and she believes in making the most of it.

With her best dress and heals Danis headed off to the big dance that she’d been waiting for her whole life. Danis told in an interview her story as to why she was unable to go to her prom 80-years ago. In her words, “I couldn’t keep up with the kids, I didn’t fit in. We were in the middle of a depression and money was scarce.”

When Danis was in school she did not mix up with the kids and financial condition was also a problem. And then Danis’ granddaughter decided to make her grandmother’s wish come true. Huddon, Danis’ granddaughter is compiling a list of all the things that Danis wants to do in her life.

The duo is ticking off many things off the list. Sitting on Santa’s lap was one of them which Danis completed in December. Now prom is off the list as well. On the list, Danis commented that she can never know what her granddaughter is up to as she is always full of surprises.

Huddon contacted the school in which her son studies so that she can make sure her grandmother goes to an actual prom and a good one. To make it official Huddon asked her grandmother for the prom through promposal. Just like any teenager does. She bought a crown and made a card for her granddaughter. The card read “Grammie, will you be my prom queen and go to prom with me?”

Danis loved every bit of it especially the getting ready and showing it off part. She was very much ready for her big day. She told her granddaughter, “Well, if they know how to do the Hully Gully, I’ll do it again,”. Danis enjoyed her night to the fullest and was very happy with how the night turned out.

Even for Huddon it was a special day and both of them made a lot of new memories. They both cannot forget this day and it will always have a special place in their hearts.