The 7 Hottest Female Videogame Characters That Will Make A Fan For Life!

#3 Samus Aran



Samus Aran is a fully clothed metal bodied character from a videogame. It was a complete shock for the video game fans when she turned out to be a female, but none the less she is still looked upon as one of the hottest and sexiest female videogame characters. In her blue form fitting zero suit and beautiful blue eyes, she looks like a dream. Though it is still a debatable topic among guys, that weather she looks better off helmet or on helmet, we surely prefer her off helmet. Why would anybody hide such a beautiful face and hot body?

#4 Bayonetta



Bayonetta, known for her sex appeal for obvious reasons, has always been quite famous with the gamers. With her slender yet curvaceous body, long hair, skinpy clothing and glasses, she is a dream woman of any man. The mole and the leather suit adds to the hotness quotient, and who wouldn’t love a bad ass girlfriend who kills demons.

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