A 13-Year-Old Diagnosed With Cancer Started Journey Of Victory On Race Track

James Miller, a thirteen- year-old kid was diagnosed with cancer but decided to fight back the disease and lead to the road of victory on the race track. James had Burkitt lymphoma and he knew that besides beating this cancer he wanted to race. His father was stunned as he not only participated but also won.

Residing in Kansas, this teen was suffering from a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that impacts an immune system. Dirt track racing has been part of the Burkitt family for decades, so James thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put the pedal to the metal. Looking up to his father, cousins and uncles racing, even he was ignited to race.

So when kids suffer from cancer and participate in the race, an organization that travels across the country and puts drivers battling cancer behind the wheel brought a car for James to race at 81 Speedway in Park City last weekend.

His contender would have been an acquaintance and someone with whom James was longing to race for a long time. His father, Brandon Miller, would have been lining up right next to him at the starting line.

While James had a co-pilot who assisted him with the acceleration, the steering and breaks were all under Jame’s control. After leading eight laps, James Miller succeeded and achieved his milestone. Everyone including his family, friends, spectators, and well-wishers celebrated the victory and were proud of him. His father was short of words and after finally seeing his child not only participating but winning. It was undoubtedly his first victory in his long career ahead.

Posted by James Miller road to victory on Monday, August 19, 2019

His father could not believe that it was happening then and was proud of his son that he had the strength and the courage to take this step in spite of what he is going through. He admired but he was not shocked as he knew that his son was a brave fighter.

Jame’s mother, Megan, was overwhelmed and cherished how her family, her husband and her family raced and how everybody came together and added up to such a big and one family.

After recognizing James and presenting him with a trophy, the track also handed over a check for $2,530 — funds raised from those in attendance at 81 Speedway. A Go fund me page has been set up for James and his family.

His dad even mentioned that this disease is just a bump in the road and he will beat everything bravely.