A 139-Year-Old Victorian House Was Moved 7 Blocks In San Francisco

It’s easy to move from one house to another. But something which is not easy is to shift the house from one place to another. No, we’re not talking about those new trendy minimalistic houses on a trailer. We’re here to talk about a gigantic and ethereal Victorian House which was moved seven blocks down from its original address after a new apartment building was set to build in its place.

San Francisco was once known for its numerous delicate 19th-century Victorian houses which graced the whole city. However, after the city was hit by the great earthquake and fire in 1906, many of them were ruined. Since then, the remaining of them are always kept with utmost fragility to keep up with the city’s uniqueness.

The unbelievable incident became a spectacle for many after a video went viral by Anthony Vineda who described the bewildering incident as nothing short of a marvel. According to the Twitter user, the house in question is a 6 bedroom-3-bathroom Victorian house, which is made from approximately 800-year-old tight grain and lumber trees. The video shows an excited crowd watching the house loading from its original address in a hydraulic holly, moving towards seven blocks down to its new address. It was moved from the heart of the city, 807 Franklin street to 635 Fulton street, next to the mortuary (also a Victorian style building)

The 80-feet Victorian house is a beautiful green structure with large beautiful windows and intricate designs, which was moved with utmost delicacy at the speed of 1 mile per hour. It is owned by Tim Brown, a broker who bought the house in 2013. He now plans to fully restore the house, along with the mortuary, and convert it into a Multi-Unit rental property. Along with this, he also wants to build an 8-story rental property in the old address.

Moving the house, though, was not an easy task at all. The spectacular, almost unbelievable incident was made possible by Phil Joy, a veteran house mover who confessed that the whole ordeal was pretty tricky, with many parking meters, power lines, and street lights being uprooted to make way for the house, with several trees being cut as well. The company also had to acquire at least 15 permits from different city agencies to make arrangements for the shift. Unsurprisingly, the owner had to pay $400,000 to make it possible.

The incident might seem bizarre, but it was once pretty common to move Victorian houses from one place to another. However, something like this was the first in 45 years. Needless to say, the incident gained traction from social media, where the videos and pictures of the house went viral.