A 16-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Posting A Disturbing Video On Snapchat, Bullying Continues In The Comment Section

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and going out is not essential to be social anymore. People can know a lot about your life from what you post online. But everything has its pros and cons and in this case, it was bullying on and off social media that took a teenager’s life.

Hailey Nailor, a 16-year-old girl took to Snapchat and posted a disturbing video that could chill anyone to the bone. Just a few moments later of that terrifying social media post, the teen committed suicide at a Connecticut mall by jumping from its fifth-floor parking garage.

There must be a lot going on in your life but the solution to those sufferings is NEVER taking your own life. Nailor was going through a tough phase and her last post on social media reflected a lot about her life and struggles. Luis Lopez, her friend said that Nailor made a video deliberating her thoughts about making a tough decision of giving up her life. “She sadly did go through with it”, says Lopez.

The police investigations regarding the whole situation began immediately on Saturday afternoon and Lt. Mark Williams of Danbury police confirmed the suicide from the parking garage of Danbury Fair Mall. Regarding the proof of someone impelling her for suicide, he said they have not found one yet.

The people were quick to go on social media and express their thoughts on this terrifying incident. They condemned bullying and accused the tormentors who did not stop the bullying even after her death. This is just so inhuman and we are just not able to understand how someone can be so heartless!

We are shocked to see certain comments that people have posted, few of them being extremely harsh and hard-hearted.


But then there is always good that can overpower such sadistic people. One such post read, “The fact that anyone would coerce/want someone to commit suicide is beyond me,” one tweet read. “It’s inhumane and disgusting. R.I.P. Hailey Nailor … You will get the justice you deserve. Bianca, you will get what’s coming for you.”

Lopez did inform the principal of the school, Dan Donovan about Nailor’s death and principal assured that some action would definitely be taken. A message was posted on Facebook by Danbury School District Superintendent Sal Pascarella who made everyone aware of the circumstances that might have led to Nailor taking such a big step. He said that someone did post “inappropriate information” about Nailor online and it would be removed in any case.

The school authorities, her family and friends are deeply saddened by this whole occurrence and this loss can never be recovered. They collectively organized a candlelight vigil for Nailor at the mall for her peace. She is remembered as a loving and caring girl by everyone who had met her.

We hope this incident is enough for people to understand that bullying is the worst thing you can ever do to a person. Be kind and spread love in whatever way you can!