A 4-Year-Old Boy's Act Of Nobility Inspires The World To Take It Forward For The Shelter Dogs!

Ask an adult about what they want in life, they’ll say money, job, and possibly every cliched thing one can imagine. But when you ask a child the same question, they’ll say toys, candies and that’s about it. However, sometimes the innocence that lies in the kids give away a strong humane message that has gotten lost in the fast and competitive pace of your life. To show kindness towards the less fortunate, to do something selfless for the voiceless animals like dogs or basically something that can proudly make you call yourself ‘Dog’s best friend’. Being loyal, faithful and enjoyable company, canines have time and again proved why they are called ‘Man’s best friend’. We recently came across a 4-year-old boy whose one act of kindness towards the shelter dogs is inspiring the people all over the world.

Elyse Betschart was amazed when her son, Jaxton Betschart, decided to do something more humanitarian with his savings.

It was when Jaxton’s mum took him to the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) shelter where Jax chose two Pit Bull dogs to sponsor, paying their adoption fees with his own savings. The little boy was first drawn to a white and black pup named Penelope. He especially liked the black patches around her eyes and so dubbed her, ‘Spot.’

I heart dogs

As they headed to the front desk to sponsor Penelope, Jax noticed a big, blue Pibble named Tank.

The CAS’s Sponsorship Program allows donors to pay the adoption fee for a specific pet. But as soon as Jax laid eyes on Tank, he exclaimed, “Mommy! He’s big and chunky just like me!” He rushed to his cage door and caressed Tank’s blocky head through the bars.

I heart dogs

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