A 4-Year-Old Boy's Act Of Nobility Inspires The World To Take It Forward For The Shelter Dogs!

Being a 4-year-old, Jax asked to adopt Tank so the 2 of them could play Incredible Hulk together.

Elyse explained that Tank couldn’t come home with them, but Jax could do something even better. He could become Tank’s Guardian Angel and help him find his perfect home, just like in the case of Penelope. Elyse said, “A lot of people don’t realize that sponsorship is an option, that you can actually tie that money to a face.”

I heart dogs

A CAS staff member snapped a photo of Jax proudly displaying his guardianship certificate in front of Tank’s cage.

The image shows an adorable and smiling Jax standing next to Tank. It was posted to the CAS Facebook page from where it quickly blew up. Not only did the post get more than 6,000 reactions, many of the nearly 200 comments were inquiries as to how they, too, could become Guardian Angels to CAS shelter pets.


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