A 6-Year-Old Kid Dialed 911 Because He Needed A Friend

A 6-year-old boy dialed 911 to make someone his good friend. Joe White of Tallahassee (Florida) Police Department answered the call and fulfilled his desire by befriending him.

People hail police personnel as the soldiers who upkeep law and order. Everyone is familiar with their stiff side that they don to intimidate criminals. But only few souls get the golden chance to cherish the tender side. A 6-year-old boy of Florida is also one of these lucky souls.

Sitting at his home, the little nugget was in disdain as he did not have a friend. He wanted to cut out his loneliness by getting a friend by his side. So his hands reached the phone. Eventually, he ended up dialing the 911 helpline. His mother was around him but was unaware of his act. The innocent soul did it behind her back. To his delight, a police officer named Joe White answered the call. He was surprised to know the out of the world desire of making a friend of the boy.

But the innocent desire managed to strike a perfect chord with his heart. He was touched to know that he was all alone and needed a friend.

The boy’s mother was still not aware of the fact that he had dialed 911. After some time, there came a visitor. She hurriedly went ahead to check out the person. But the moment she found her guest, she was taken aback. A policeman was standing at her doorstep. Joe White narrated the whole incident and went ahead to ask the boy if he would be his friend.

#GoodNews Here’s Officer Joe White & his new friend who called 911 without his mom knowing. Officer White arrived on…

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The boy was delighted to have the big guy in police uniform as his friend. Not just that, Joe took the boy to his police car and gave him a chance to sit inside it. The boy was all smiles and enjoyed his indelible moment. To add to his delight, the considerate policeman gifted him a stuffed animal. In those moments of fun, he took one out to teach the little nugget the salience of 911 helpline. He tried to put it in his mind that 911 is to be used only in the emergency hours. So he should not dial that unless he is in danger.

Tallahassee (Florida) Police Department unveiled the heart-touching story on its Facebook page. It brought the pragmatic approach of the sagacious police officer into light. Then it was the time for the social media people to rock the incident with their thunderous comments. They all huddled together to laud the efforts made on the part of the officer.

One of them said that it was really great to see the little happy face of the boy. The user went ahead to thank Joe for being kind and the work he did. One mother went ahead to declare that her kids would love to be his friends.

Thus, the officer ended up winning millions of hearts.