A 7-Year-Old Girl From Chicago Is Donating Masks To The Homeless

Sometimes, the power of a child is underestimated because of their age and size. But some children are capable of problem-solving skills from a very young age. They have the potential to bring a change in society because of the kindness they possess. This kind 7-year-old girl from Chicago is donating masks to the homeless and inspiring the masses.

Olivia Dru Tyler, a seven-year-old girl residing in Lombard Illinois is way mature than the other children of her age group and wishes to contribute to the society with her little efforts. She has been donating masks to the needy and homeless who cannot afford one.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit the nations, it was made mandatory to wear a face mask in public places. But despite the urgency, its availability was too scarce to meet its demand. Even after the situation of the scarcity of the face masks was resolved soon, it still isn’t accessible to all. Some people belonging to the lower-income groups are not able to afford the masks even though it has become a necessity these days.

This urged Olivia to take a step to tackle the situation and she decided to donate face masks to the homeless. In an interview, Olivia said, “Governor Pritzker said on TV that all people are supposed to wear masks, but I thought, how are people supposed to get masks?” She further said that masks are at times expensive and sometimes people don’t have the money. So she decided to make an organization, ‘OliviaDruCares’ where she along with her parents could give out some masks to help out people to be safe.

Her organization is a fully formed non-profit now. Olivia and her parents sell face masks for $5 each and for every mask that they sell, they donate one to the homeless or essential workers.

Olivia’s mother revealed that Olivia was inclined towards helping the needy and helpless since she was 5 years old. Then when the virus hit the country, she would walk in the neighborhood with her parents and kept asking them if they could buy some of the houses for sale in the neighborhood and let homeless people stay there.

Her father praised her mother for hearing Olivia’s concern for what they were, rather than brushing them aside as just a child’s musings. In his words, “She paid enough attention to say we’re on to something here, and we just hopped on board.”

Olivia’s mother Linda told that when the masks were not easily available in the market, they would hand over the masks to anyone who needed them including people in the grocery stores, people on the streets, and veterans. Olivia would keep a basket of masks in the car for this reason.

She further added that every time they saw people at intersections asking for money, they would give them both money and masks and some optimistic words.

One day while they were distributing masks, they mistakenly knocked on the door of the head of the salvation army. There were TV crews from different news channels who were eager to interview them. This mistaken meeting sent their initiative into overdrive over the next few weeks. They were able to drop off 240 masks to the Oakbrook Terrace Salvation Army. From that day onwards, Olivia started to be known as “the little girl with the big heart.”

Olivia’s plans aren’t limited to providing masks only but extend to providing housing, food, prescription co-pays, and more with the help of other organizations that are already helping the homeless.

Olivia has the vision to create a hotel for the homeless. All the receipts from OliviaDruCares are going towards making her vision a reality.