A 9-Year-Old Girl Sews And Donates Masks In The Pandemic

The pandemic around the world has led to emergence of new talent. With the corona virus condition getting worse day by day, the world needs more and more safety equipments. In regard to this a 9-year-old girl showcased her talent and her big heart by sewing more than 500 cloth masks and donating them to the medical staff and the needy.

The pandemic has challenged the health and medical facilities of the world. Every day lakhs of people are getting affected by corona virus. People are trying to get back to their normal lives but with precautions. Masks are the necessary item one needs to carry whenever stepping out of their house. Unfortunately, the demand and supply of masks is not balanced and in such a situation a9-year-old girl named Michaela Munyan who lives in Oakland Township, Michigan has emerged as a life saver for some people.

Michaela has sewn more than 570 marks in the pandemic and has donated these masks to various health care workers and many other frontline workers. All the masks were handmade. She made beautiful and colorful masks and donated them to nursesand people working at food outlets including people at her favorite pizza outlet.

Michaela owns a Facebook page, the Friendly Chupacabra Face Covering Company, and accepts ordersand requests on this page. She feels fortunate to be able to contribute and help people in these difficult times. She also hopes that her small gesture can encourage people to do big things that could be useful for the society in this time of pandemic. She told her parents that everyone needs to be together and support each other to get through this time.

Posted by The Friendly Chupacabra on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Michaela’s journey of sewing comes before the pandemic struck. She learned sewing in her schoolclub and practiced making different things. She made scrunchies, bags and small things for herself. She made clothes for her cat, Minerva whose name is also the inspiration for her facebook page. After her school closed and she heard about the shortage of face masks she went surfing the internet for different ideas and patterns of mask making.

In first few tries of mask making, Michaela gave those masks to her family members. When she believed in her potential in mask making, she started sending out masks to the rest of community. She even distributed masks to people of Thailand and Sweden who were originally from Michigan. Her page started growing since then and she has been getting many orders. She tries to maintain balance between working and playing as she is just a 9 year old kid. Her parents, Kristen and Matt Munyan, have supported her in every step and feel lucky to have a daughter like her.

There are many such generous people that are contributing to the society and making masks for the society. A person named, Joann Fabric distributed fabric for free for people making masks. Another example is of a college student who made specialised masks for people who are deaf. Such people should be appreciated because in these difficult times of no cure we can only prevent the disease and masks are the only way we can achieve that.