A Booby Trap Discovered In An Abandoned Property, The Details Terrified The Search Team

There are many safety concerns that come up every now and then on various digital platforms. One needs to be very alert when moving to a new place as you may encounter “undesirable stuff” in the building that you have chosen to stay in. In Philadelphia, a building was being inspected when they encountered a booby trap in the property. It was shocking!

A building Philadelphia which was in a neglected and poor condition was chosen for inspection by some real estate agents. The thought behind the whole inspection was very general as is done for any other abandoned building on a regular basis.

The general examination proved to be terrifying and awful for those agents and you’ll know why!

Let’s see how it all went down during the inspection.

They entered the place and noticed the condition in which it was. The place was completely unordered with a mess all around. They even spotted pieces of glass lying around. This was the first “impression” they got.

Moving ahead, they reached the staircase where a wire was attached all along the way which made them suspicious.

Next, their curiosity increased and they decided to follow the wire to see where it ended. They were in for a frightening view which they would have never expected.

A booby trap! Yes, there it was. The wire was connected to this booby trap at the end-point. It was constructed in such a way that when someone would climb up the stairs, the trap would be “activated”.

They wanted to see it work without risking their own life. So, one person tapped a wooden block on those stairs to see what the outcome of that booby trap was. In a few seconds, a huge knife appeared at an angle to attack someone who was walking there. It would be a direct attack on the head and definitely deadly!

The real estate agents describe the whole experience as “pretty crazy”. We bet it was. It sounds horrible. Their alertness and knowledge saved them from an unfortunate occurrence.

This is why it is essential to keep a check on everything that’s going around you. This is just one instance of a booby trap which was discovered, there are quite a few. Watch out for unsafe surroundings to be secure and guarded.