A Bus Themed Casket Became The Resting Place For School Bus Driver

Glen Paul Davis got the perfect funeral. He was bid goodbye in the casket themed on his whole life. Glen was a bus driver for Grand Meadow School in Minnesota. He drove the bus for 55 long years. When he died, he was given a funeral in the most unique way. His casket was a perfect accolade for him.

“Glennie” drove the bus for the students of Grand Meadow School from 1949 to 2004. Those years were glorious years for Glen. In those 55 years, there wasn’t even a single mishappening happened. Nonetheless, he was a brilliant and responsible driver. Those days were a flickering composition of his work.

Glennie left us on February 15, at the age of 88. No doubt, he lived his life to the fullest. He had dedicated his life to the school students. Thus, after his death, the school decided to pay him a tribute. His casket was designed just like the school bus of Grand Meadow School of Minnesota. There could be no perfect tribute for him than this.

The casket was created by John Hindt in his shop Hindt Funeral Home. He took the help of his family members to decorate and paint it. He did everything for the sake of Glennie, the man who gave his life to the students of Grand Meadow School.

When the idea came in the picture, it was just a joke. After the completion of the casket, Glennie became a fan of it and he showed it to all the people he met. He was very happy with the casket as per ABC 10.

Glennie was a lifelong farmer. His family has done farming for years. He was graduated from Grand Meadow school. Glen was a supporter of the school system. According to him, the school plays a vital role in the molding of the students. Therefore, for the sake of the love for schools, he ended up driving the school bus for the same school. Apart from being an admirer of the school system, he was also a fan of the Superlarks Sports team.

He was a man who lived his life as per his terms and conditions. He was able to do what he loved and was paid for that. Not every people are able to do that. He was given the respect he earned at his funeral. May his soul rest in peace!