A Car Full Of Waste Banged Into A Parked Car

A driver banged his car into a parked car. The person could not get hold on the hand brake as the car was all full of waste that covered the hand brake. The Hants Roads Policing shared the picture of car and sent a message to keep cars clean in order to keep these kinds of accident at bay.

Vehicles were designed to make journeys smoother for travelers. But for some souls, they can serve a bigger purpose. As a result, it is not a wonder to see cars full of clothes, packages, cups and other items. But a car owner just broke that limit.

It seems like the person took the sanctity of his car for granted. That soul stuffed it with all the ridiculous items and wastes. Plastic bags, old papers, lampshade, stool, fan, bucket, flower pot, empty bottles and trash made their way to the seats and the floor. Gradually, the car turned into a big trash bin with no place for the passengers to sit in it. The brakes and the accessories of the car got obscured under the layer of trash.

But unfortunately, the drive was too lazy to pay heed to the alarming situation of the car. As a result, a precarious fate started to whirl around it. One day, the driver was enjoying the beautiful day driving the ‘trash’ car. But while doing that, the car rolled back and banged into a parked car. That all happened because the poor soul could not get to the hand brake which was lying somewhere obscured under the filth.

The Police reached the accident site. The Hants Roads Policing (Hampshire Police) officers were stunned to see the abysmal condition of the car. So it nudged them to share the terrible condition of the car on the social media platform.

The twitter handle of Hants Roads Policing posted the picture of the car and wrote that Boris Johnson’s car was a dream compared to that one. The driver could not get hand brake on and had rolled back into a parked car. They gave it a sarcastic tone but did not reveal the damage involved in the accident.

That car owner is not alone in a world where people love to stuff their cars with unnecessary things. The Conservative Party leadership candidate also made it to that sphere. Some snaps caught his car- Toyota Previa GX filled with clothes across the backseats and mud across the upholstery. Water bottles and cups also shone brightly on the floor. People lashed heavily at the candidate for the pathetic condition of the car. The incident raised many eyebrows over the social responsibility of the representatives.

The accident would, hopefully, have opened the eyes of sleeping, lazy lads! So next time when you go out for a drive, make sure that your car is free enough to serve you a safe and happy journey. In the end, you are the paramount drivers of your life.